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Harness the anger and hate through your blade and tap into true darkness. Only then will you hear the screams of the dark side Legion! (Also comes in a version without whispers).

  • For Proffie and CFX/GHv3 soundboards

    Blade Style Included for Proffie

    Designed for Smoothswing

    Includes: bgndrag, bgnlb, bgnlock, bgnmelt, blst, boot, clsh, drag, enddrag, endlb, endlock, endmelt, font, force, hum, in, lb, lock, melt, out, preon, stab, swingh, swingl, swng


    8/23 Renamed boot1 to boot for CFX (sound will not play otherwise). Fixed poweroff trail off sound for CFX.

    10/10/20 Better swing volume on CFX. New smoothswings and new modified clashes.

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