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frequently asked questions (FAQ)


BFC does NOT SELL BLADE STYLES ie: the special lighting effects you see in the demo videos, BFC sells sound fonts only. However, Proffie effects/styles are typically provided with the sound fonts as a courtesy. Please see below FAQ for further details. All sound fonts are downloadable in the ZIP format and are compatible with Proffie and CFX/GHv3 soundboards (if you have a GHv3 board it is compatible with CFX fonts). Prices may vary.

 Your fonts may sound different than the demo videos depending on your setup. Use sabers with good acoustic chambers for maximum sound! 

Any updates to existing fonts will be listed under the info section of each font. Download links are good for 30 days, after that time you can contact BFC to re-download at any time.

Enjoy! - Lord Nikahn


Will these fonts work on my saber?

All sound fonts are designed and optimized for Proffie and Crystal Focus 10 (CFX) soundboards. CFX sound fonts have been tested with GHv3 soundboards and are compatible. However, please understand there are a large variety of soundboards on the market. Please check with the company you bought your saber from regarding its individual capabilities or compatibility with the above formats.

How do I install these fonts on my saber?

You will need to refer to the manual that came with your saber or contact the company you bought the saber from. BFC provides sound fonts, installation and configuration are up to individual end users. 

How to I get the blade styles seen in your demo videos?

Most font demo videos are done using Proffie open source soundboards and those styles are typically included in the README file with each font. Future fonts may contain CFX styles and configs. To see other styles for both Proffie and CFX, please see the links on the main sound font page.

How come you offer blade styles for Proffie but not CFX?

Proffie stores blade style information on the soundboard itself. Therefore, style codes can be distributed to customers who can upload these styles to their board and achieve a specific effect. However, CFX styles are stored on the SD card and differ from user to user. This is why it is up to individual CFX users to customize their own effects based on their own configurations and preferences. CFX styles and configurations may be included in the future.

What's the best way to contact BFC if I have a question?

Through the BFC website by clicking "Contact" at the top of the page. You can also reach out through Facebook at


 I purchased a font over 30 days ago and I can no longer access it, how can I re-download it?

Send a message using "Contact" at the top of the page requesting a new link and one will be emailed to you.

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