BFC Master Pack Ver. 1.0 (ALL FONTS)

BFC Master Pack Ver. 1.0 (ALL FONTS)

Become a BFC Master! Download all current BFC fonts in one discounted package.


File size is 1.3 GB in the ZIP format. Purchasing this product will provide a link to the download file.


NOTE: New fonts will be added to the Master Pack as they are released and the pack will increase in price. Customers who have already purchased this pack will still need to purchase the new fonts as they are released. In other words, buying this pack does not mean all future fonts will be free.

  • Version 1.0 Fonts Included

    ArcaneV2, Cyberblade, Dangerous, DarkSpace, Electroblade, Exegol, Ignition Redux, Ironblade, Jedi Commando, Legion, PhotonbladeV2, Protoblade, Rule of Two, Return of the Sith, Transferblade, Wild Space, Temple Guardian, Transfer Reboot