Transfer Blade

Transfer Blade

Includes two versions, one with voice and one without (see demo videos).


The Transfer Blade is a lightsaber designed to absorb kinetic energy from swings and impacts in order to charge and power the saber. Once fully charged, the saber can transfer the stored energy into the blade for maximum power. Rumor has it, that when fully charged, the Transfer Blade is capable of cutting through other lightsabers!

  • For Proffie and CFX/GHv3 soundboards

    Blade Style included for Proffie

    Designed for Smoothswing

    Includes: bgndrag, bgnlb, bgnlock, bgnmelt, blst, boot, clsh, drag, enddrag, endlb, endlock, endmelt, font, force, hum, in, lb, lock, melt, out, preon, stab, swingh, swingl, swng


    10/10/20 Better swing volume on CFX. Corrected naming for some CFX clashes.